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Virtual WLAN Controller

The explosive growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices are forcing enterprises and service providers to rapidly scale the WLAN network administration and management infrastructure, implement fine-grained security and QoS policies, and ensure seamless mobility.

Virtual WLAN (vWLAN) Controllers enable optimized network performance and centralized control of wireless deployments for enterprise customers as well as subscribers with reduced hardware costs. For business services, it can be deployed as a physical appliance on your premises or as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) that operates in your existing virtual environments (such as VMware or KVM). For subscriber services, it is typically deployed as a cloud-hosted application in a service provider data center.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is one of the few companies with expertise in vWLAN Controller development, testing, deployment and orchestration in private/hybrid cloud environments. We offer following services:

VNF Development

  • Architecture, design & development of Virtual WLAN Controllers
  • Intel DPDK based optimization for high performance
  • Support for different virtualization architectures(LXC/Para/Full Virtualization)
  • Support for different virtual environments (VMware/KVM/Xen)


  • Design and Development of FCAPS and VNF life-cycle management framework
  • Develop VNF packages for a service deployment
  • Implement Network Services life-cycle management features
  • Integrate and validate with third-party NFV orchestrators or legacy NMS/OSS

VNF Benchmarking & Performance Tuning

  • Benchmarking for performance in Enterprise/Telco cloud environments
  • Performance improvements with Intel DPDK based optimization
  • Fast path optimization using offloading techniques

VNF Porting & Testing

  • Porting of Virtual WLAN Controller from custom silicon to standard x86 platforms
  • Migration of Virtual WLAN Controller across different hyper-visors/OS environments
  • Testing Virtual WLAN Controller using industry leading test tools/equipment

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) can leverage NFV and SDN to provide better security and user experience (QoE) to Wi-Fi users. ALTEN Calsoft Labs also helps WISPs roll out differentiated services based on application, device type or subscriber type, and improve service assurance.

Virtual WLAN Controller Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers a Virtual WLAN Controller framework based on the “central control, distributed forwarding” model for lightweight management, control, and authentication of Wi-Fi services.

Centralized control and management effectively provide a single pane for managing the APs and WLAN network via a terminal window. The policies are configured as templates which are pushed into the APs.

The framework has an integrated orchestration feature that enables automated service provisioning, service fulfillment and end-to-end service quality assurance. It offers scale elasticity, management, and control of Access Points (APs) across multiple sites and geographic locations.

Key Features of ALTEN Calsoft Labs Virtual WLAN Controller Framework

Feature Benefits
  • Distributed data forwarding for minimized latency
  • Centralized control for easy network setup & monitoring
  • Client load balancing
  • Automatic AP firmware upgrades
Plug & Play Setup
  • Automatic provisioning of APs for
    • AP discovery
    • Radio & BSS configuration
    • RF parameters of channel & transmit power level
RF Management
  • Automatic RF optimization
  • Dynamic transmit power control
  • Template based AP configuration
  • Configurable AP load balancing
  • Automatic channel selection on start-up with on-going map of optimal channel selections, allowing administrators to rebalance the network as needed
  • Full manageability through SNMP & Enterprise MIBs
  • Management across IP networks with customized CAPWAP, including automatic AP software upgrade & mutual AP–Controller authentication with secure key exchange
  • Support for Web-based GUI over HTTP & CLI
  • Inter-subnet mobility
  • Support for fast roaming - across L2/L3 (802.11i pre-authentication & cached PMK)
  • Comprehensive statistics on APs