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Virtual CPE

The explosion of connected devices is fueling demand for faster broadband connectivity. Consequently service providers are offering faster VDSL2, cable and FTTH connections to subscribers. According to industry reports, there were 57 million FTTH subscribers, 111 million cable broadband subscribers and 366 million DSL subscribers worldwide at the end of 2012.

Continuing technology transitions, new service launches, security, privacy and metering requirements make service providers incur significant amount of CapEx and OpEx to upgrade CPE devices and/or update device software on a regular basis.

Virtual CPE enables a single device deployment for different services; say it be Internet access, IPTV, content sharing, virtual desktop, video collaboration, gaming, patient monitoring or other applications. It allows service providers to get better visibility of the subscriber’s network, eases service provisioning, QoE monitoring, metering and remote management.

Virtual CPE

Calsoft Labs’ Services:

  • Virtual Appliance development and staging in Telco data center
  • Virtual Appliance orchestration and integration with Telco service delivery platform (SDP)
  • Testing Virtual CPE solution for various services/applications, Test Automation
  • Intel DPDK based Virtual Appliance optimization
  • Sustenance engineering
    • Bug fixes, Updates and Patch management
    • Upgrades and Release management
  • Virtual CPE solution deployment
    • Telco infrastructure audit, Virtual Appliance staging in Telco environment
    • Set up orchestration services (Heat/Openstack), OSS/BSS integration
    • End-to-end Service Validation
    • Service Roll-out management
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • Service Desk implementation
    • Provisioning & Configuration management
    • Service Monitoring & Service Assurance
    • L2/L3 Technical support

Calsoft Labs was involved in development and deployment of one of the industry’s first commercially deployed Virtual CPE solutions to deliver state-of-the-art Firewall, Anti-virus, IDS/IPS and SSL VPN services to subscribers.