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Virtual B-RAS

B-RASs or Service Edge Routers perform a wide variety of network functions from subscriber management to routing, policy enforcement, content filtering and IP address management.

Huge growth in Internet video traffic and number of connected devices with Triple Play capabilities, pose a challenge to broadband service providers to continuously upgrade capacity and improve subscriber, session and application level intelligence at the network edge.

Virtualization of B-RAS functions offers high-level of flexibility, scalability and investment protection to broadband service providers. B-RASs running as virtual appliances optimized to standard x86 blades using Intel® DPDK allows Telcos to deploy products that can support on-demand scalability, and flexibility to enable dynamic QoS and security policy enforcement at a lower cost (TCO).

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ NFV services rely on our decade long experience in the multi-service edge routing, L4-L7 switching, DPI, QoS and bandwidth optimization, virtual appliance development, orchestration and integration with NFV service delivery architecture. Our services include:

  • Virtual function development, integration and testing
    • NAT, Firewall, Subscriber and Application-aware Security enforcement
    • Dynamic per session QoS management
  • Intel DPDK based Virtual B-RAS optimization
    • Data Plane acceleration
    • Scaling performance proportional to number of cores
  • Virtual B-RAS orchestration
    • Openstack based orchestration, Quantum/Neutron integration
    • Orchestration logic extensions and management framework integration
    • Orchestration layer integration with OSS/BSS
  • Virtual B-RAS testing and Test Automation development
    • Functional, Performance, Load and Stress testing
    • KVM and Openstack infrastructure staging and orchestration
    • End-to-End test strategies for NFV architectures
  • Management framework enhancements
    • Physical and Virtual appliance aware
    • SDN Controller integration
    • NFV/SDN management layer integration with OSS/BSS
  • Virtual B-RAS sustenance engineering
    • Bug fixes, Updates and Patch management
    • Upgrades and Release management
  • Virtual B-RAS deployment
    • Telco infrastructure audit, vB-RAS staging in Telco environment
    • Set up orchestration services, OSS/BSS integration
    • End-to-end Service Validation
    • Service Roll-out management
  • Operations Support
    • Service Desk implementation
    • Provisioning & Configuration management
    • Service Monitoring & Service Assurance
    • L2/L3 Technical support