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Virtual ADC

Application delivery optimization is a core competency at ALTEN Calsoft Labs. For the past 10+ years we have been working on L4-L7 Firewalls, WAN Optimizers, Server Load Balancers and Application Switches that are installed in enterprise and service provider data centers worldwide.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs owns product development and sustenance engineering for products ranging from 1Gbps to 80 Gbps throughput for one of the industry leaders in ADC market. With a section of the market shifting towards Virtual ADCs, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been involved in development, testing and release of Soft ADC products in VMware ESX/ESXi and KVM environments.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is one of the few companies with complete product development, testing, deployment and sustenance engineering experience in Virtual ADC market. We offer following services:

  • Virtual ADC development and orchestration layer integration
  • Orchestration logic extensions for integration with service provisioning/admin portals.
  • Intel DPDK based performance optimization
  • vADC testing and Test Automation development
    • Functional, Performance, Load and Stress testing
    • Automated Regression testing
  • Network management system development for physical and virtual appliance management
  • Virtual ADC sustenance engineering
    • Bug fixes and Patch management
    • Level 2/3/4 Technical Support

Software-defined Networking (SDN) Enablement

Software-defined Networking (SDN) has introduced a paradigm shift in the way data center switching infrastructure is deployed and managed. ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been working on OpenFlow and SDN Controller applications since the inception of these technologies. We leverage this experience to help ADC vendors SDN enable their products.

  • Implementation of ADC functions as SDN applications for SDN controllers such as NOX/POX, Floodlight, Big Switch, Cyan, NEC, etc.
  • Test environment creation and scenario-based testing with heterogeneous network infrastructure comprising physical and virtual switches.
  • Professional Services to support ADC instantiation, integration and roll-out in Software-defined Data Centers.