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Network Function Virtualization

With growth in cloud adoption, IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a Service) providers are evaluating the benefits of virtualizing network functions to:

  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx by moving away from costly proprietary devices
  • Have better control over network functions, and ability to scale on-demand
  • Launch new services to increase revenues and profitability

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been in the forefront in the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) space supporting both network equipment manufacturers and telecom operators in development, testing, orchestration, integration and operations support for new NFV deployments.

A member of ETSI NFV ISG, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has the distinction of having delivered virtual L4-L7 switching products, security gateways and one of the industry’s first virtual CPE solutions deployed with a Tier-1 service provider.

Our expertise in NFV orchestration, OpenStack, Heat, NFV/SDN management frameworks and integration with Service Delivery Platforms, makes us an end-to-end solution provider in this space.

Our Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers product engineering and systems integration services to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network operators to help them build, deploy, manage and orchestrate Virtual Network Functions.

VNF Development

  • Architect, Design and development VNFs
  • Intel DPDK based VNF Optimization
  • Support for different virtualization architectures (LXC/Para/Full Virtualization)
  • Support for different virtual environments (VMware/KVM/XEN)

VNF Management & Orchestration

  • Design and development of FCAPS and VNF lifecycle management framework
  • Develop VNF packages for a service development, and service lifecycle management features
  • Integrate and Validate with third-party NFV Orchestrators or legacy NMS/OSS

Benchmarking and Performance Tuning

  • Benchmarking VNF performance in Enterprise/Telco Cloud Environments
  • Performance improvements with Intel* DPDK based optimization
  • Fast Path Optimization using off-loading techniques

VNF Porting and Testing

  • Porting from Custom Silicon to COTS x86 platform
  • Migration of VNFs to a different Hypervisor/OS environment
  • VNF testing using Industry leading testing tools/equipment

NFV Systems Integration Services

VNF Deployment

  • Prepare VNF deployment blueprint
  • VNF staging and integration (with NMS/NFVO/OSS/SDN Controllers)
  • Testing service and VNF lifecycle management features
  • Support fields trails

Operations Support

  • Service Rollout management
  • Provisioning & configuration management
  • Service monitoring
  • L2/L3 technical support
  • NFV infrastructure management
  • Fine tune VNF-FG service lifecycle management policies

Service Assurance

  • Debug and fix functional, performance and interoperability issues
  • Patch management
  • Support on boarding of new network services
  • Conduct lab/field trails for new network services
  • Support migration to a new NFVI-PoP in the operators network
  • Monitor and update service and VNF lifecycle management policies