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SDN Controllers

As an early mover in the SDN space, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has worked extensively with open source and commercially available third-party SDN controllers to

  • Develop SDN applications
  • Develop extensions/interfaces to talk to 3rd party network elements
  • Scenario-based testing of different applications

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ expertise includes staging SDN controllers and systems integration & testing SDN applications for data center, metro switching and packet-optical transport networks.

Our experience with open-source & commercial third-party SDN controllers spans across:

  • Open Source Controllers: NOX, POX, Beacon, OpenDaylight, etc.
  • Commercial Controllers: Big Network Controller, Cyan Blue Planet, NEC ProgrammableFlow, HP VAN SDN Controller, etc.

As a professional services partner, ALTEN Calsoft Labs helps SDN controller vendors/OEMs/Telcos in SDN implementation projects in the following areas:

  • Controller staging and systems integration
  • Service roll-out management
  • OSS/BSS integration
  • Service Monitoring and Assurance