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HP Alliances

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is one of the few outsourced R&D; service providers with a track record of working in SDN space since the inception of these technologies. We have experience of working across all three layers in SDN architecture, viz. Infrastructure Layer, Control Layer and Application Layer.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs supports Enterprise ISVs in software product migration to HP’s SDN infrastructure. Leveraging HP’s Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller, business applications can orchestrate network resources to improve QoS, enhance security and meet mobility requirements of modern day enterprise users.

The HP AllianceOne program provides exclusive tools, resources, support and numerous other benefits to develop and deliver applications or services that capitalize on integrate networking for business advantage. Membership with HP AllianceOne program enables partners with access to HP Networking SDKs, technical tools and resources to create applications, test and validate them on HP SDN Controller, receive technical roadmap, leverage support from developer community and market applications through HP SDN App Store.