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ALTEN Calsoft Labs is an authorized Value-added Reseller of 6WINDGate™ portfolio of protocols and management software.

In partnership with 6WIND, ALTEN Calsoft Labs delivers best-in-class NFV and SDN solutions to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and Telecom operators worldwide. ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers technology consulting, virtual network function (VNF) development and implementation services around the 6WINDGate™ networking software to network operators working to virtualize network functions as part of an SDN-based architecture, thereby enabling Telecom operators to accelerate the deployment of high-performance virtual appliances.

6WIND (www.6wind.com) provides the only commercial software solution that solves network performance challenges for OEMs delivering advanced networking functions in mobile infrastructure equipment, networking appliances and data center networking. The company's 6WINDGate™ networking software is optimized for cost-effective hardware based on industry-standard multicore processors, enabling rich Software Defined Networking (SDN) services and Network-as-a-Service capabilities that monetize services such as bandwidth, QoS and security.

6WINDGate provides an extensive set of Layer 2 through Layer 4 networking protocols that provide a ready-to-use foundation for the development of high performance networking applications. 6WINDGate runs in Virtual Machines (VMs) without any change to the hypervisor (Citrix Xen, Red Hat KVM, VMware ESX, etc.). 6WINDGate leverages the Intel® DPDK software to offload packets from the guest’s operating system. To bypass the bottlenecks within standard hypervisors (virtual switch and unoptimized vNIC Linux drivers), IOMMU/VT-d and SR-IOV/VT-c are supported.

For use in both physical and virtual network appliances, 6WINDGate provides full compatibility with Software Defined Network orchestrators such as OpenStack (or commercial alternatives), as well as with Layer 2 – Layer 3 management software such as OpenFlow (or commercial alternatives). For more information visit http://www.6wind.com/products/6windgate-protocols.