Industry speaks
  • Industry speaks - BT Group

    ALTEN Calsoft Labs have demonstrated world class knowledge of networks and leading edge packet processing software. They delivered a compelling, scalable, low power, compact, high performance solution running on standard x86 servers in only a few months to BT.” more

  • Industry speaks - 6WIND

    ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been among the early leaders in NFV, bringing network operators increased flexibility and value as they move to the cloud, and we're pleased that they've selected Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack Linux Platform for their highly scalable NFV platform.” more

  • Industry speaks - Intel Group

    “The Intel® DPDK continues to see great momentum and traction in the industry. Intel is pleased to see ALTEN Calsoft Labs supporting Intel DPDK customers to develop and roll out new and enhanced products and services, and accelerate revenue streams.” more

  • Industry speaks - Dell OEM Solutions

    ALTEN Calsoft Labs has relevant expertise as a system integrator and our partner in the Telecom market, we look forward to working with ALTEN Calsoft Labs on NFV opportunities.” more

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